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A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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Sunrise Community Outreach Center provides low cost / no cost laser tattoo removal treatments by licensed and insured nurse practitioners and physicians. We also provide life-skills counseling and referrals. We are committed to empowering people to change their lives for the better by erasing unwanted tattoos. If you are burdened by tattoos which no longer reflect who you truly are, give us a call today.


  • Better employment opportunities
  • Tattoos no longer reflect lifestyle
  • Old, faded, embarrassing tattoos
  • Parent or soon to be parent


  • Increases chances of employment
  • Finally being able to show your body without embarrassment
  • As a parent you won’t have to worry about setting the wrong example



Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM

Saturdays, 8 AM to Noon

Call today to schedule your free private consultation and find out how Sunrise Community Outreach Center can help you.

Medlite C6


A Medlite C6 laser is a safe, premium-engineered, easy-to-use aesthetic laser designed for versatility and effectiveness in a wide variety of applicatoins. 

Today, the Medlite C6 is best known for its PhotoAcoustic effect, a combinaiton of high power and nanosecond pulse widths that deliver peak energy throughout the layers of the epidermis faster than the normal relaxation time of the tissue. The result is a safe, effective way to harness peak power.

Tattoo removal does not have to hurt.

We offer a specially-formulated anesthetic cream which will numb your skin in the hour before treatment, if you wish. This topical treatment greatly adds to patient comfort during the procedure.


Sunrise Community Outreach Center
2105 Beverly Blvd.
Suite 219
Los Angeles , CA 90057

Garage parking available in the building at 50 cents/hour

Phone: (213) 483-2655

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Only FDA-Approved lasers used for treatment.
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